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  • Q1

    The following is true about School  Improvement Plan EXCEPT:

    It is evidence-based, results-based, and child or learner-centered. 

    It is a roadmap that lays down specific interventions that a school, with the help of the community and other stakeholders, undertakes within a period of four (4) consecutive school years

    It aims to improve the three key result areas in basic education: access, quality, and governance

    The SIP is central in School-Based Management (SBM) and is prepared by the School-Community Planning Team (SPT)

  • Q2

    It the decentralization of decision-making authority from central, regional, and division levels to the individual schools, with the intent of bringing together school heads, teachers, students, as well as parents, the local government units, and the community at large to improve learning outcomes through effective schools

    School Improvement Plan 

    Priority Improvement Areas (PIAs) 

    Continuous Improvement Projects

    School Based Management

  • Q3

    Priority Improvement Areas (PIAs) are selected areas in school management, operations, and service delivery that need to be changed to improve the three key result areas in basic education: access, quality, and governance. A PIA is prioritized based on the following EXCEPT:

     urgency, magnitude, and feasibility

    availability of funds

    disparity with Division goals

    strategic importance

  • Q4

    Successful planning and implementation are factors essential to effective governance. A school that is governed well results in the effective delivery of basic education services. Essentially, an effective school contributes to the attainment of three key result areas. It helps ensure that:

     1) every Filipino has access to complete basic education 

    2) every graduate is prepared for further education and the world of work 

    3) there is effective, transparent, and collaborative governance of basic education

    4)conducive and safe learning environment 

    5) adopts inclusivity





  • Q5

    This phase of SIP involves small-scale testing then implementation of the solutions. Constant checking of the implementation progress is done in this phase as well.





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