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Monday Review- 10/2

Quiz by Deana Hasbrooke

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5 questions
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  • Q1

    These bones are longer than they are wide. They make up most of the upper and lower extremities. 

    Question Image

    Sesamoid  bones

    Flat bones

    Short bones

    Long bones

  • Q2

    The ends of the long bone are called the

    Question Image

    medullary cavity

    growth plate



  • Q3

    What type of bone is this?

    Question Image
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  • Q4

    Which cells are responsible for building new bone?





  • Q5

    Which group of bones are part of the axial skeleton?

    Mandible, Ribs, Humerus, Tarsals

    Mandible, Ribs, Sternum, Coccyx

    Mandible, Sternum, Radius, Ulna

    Mandible, Frontal Bone, Humerus, Sternum 


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