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Monday-Problems of the Day

Quiz by Jayme Moore

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7 questions
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  • Q1
    Emma and Gunner are painting a mural. Emma completed 7/10 of the mural. Gunner completed 8/100 of the mural. What fraction of the mural did Emma and Gunner complete?
  • Q2
    A watch company sells about 35 watches each day. About how many watches does the company sell in two weeks if it is open every day?
    450 watches
    490 watches
    120 watches
    123 watches
  • Q3
    Christian has 100 seeds to plant in his garden. He panted 85 of the seeds. Which decimal represents the portion of the seeds Christian has left to plant?
  • Q4
    James is arranging 86 chairs for a dinner party. James places 5 chairs at each table. Any remaining chairs will be set aside. How many tables will have 5 chairs?
    16 tables
    17 tables
    18 tables
    19 tables
  • Q5
    Which of the following statements is true?
    2.9 < 2.09
    2.9 = 2.09
    2.9 > 2.09
  • Q6
    Oliver and Kane are on the school's academic team. In a recent competition, Oliver scored 31/100 of the team's points and Kane scored 4/10 of the team's points. Which shows the fraction of the team's points scored by Oliver and Kane together?
  • Q7
    Principal Miller is preparing folders for an upcoming meeting. Each folder weighs 1/3 pound. If she expects 20 teachers at the meeting, how much will the folders weigh in all?
    between 5 and 6 pounds
    between 3 and 4 pounds
    between 6 and 7 pounds
    between 4 and 5 pounds

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