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Monkey and the Pile of Pepper

Quiz by Joseph Rodriguez

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  • Q1
    What idea is developed throughout the story?
    All the animals want to be Lion's favorite.
    Lion needs to get rid of a large pile of black pepper.
    Crocodile is frightening all the other animals.
    Elephant is very thirsty for a drink of water.
  • Q2
    Why is it so difficult for the animals to eat the black dirt?
    They think they should share it with others.
    The black dirt is very filling.
    The dirt is actually spicy black pepper.
    They do not want others to laugh at them.
  • Q3
    Which sentence from the story shows that Lion and Mouse find the contest amusing?
    They climbed way up into the trees where no other animals could reach them.
    He smiled briefly and glanced over at Mouse, who was also smiling.
    He lumbered off to his den to think about an idea.
    Elephant was snorting through his trunk and running around and around in a circle.
  • Q4
    What is the best summary of paragraphs 1-8?
    One day Mouse told Lion that there was some trouble with the animals in the jungle. Lion thought about it and came up with a contest for them.
    The jungle animals all began to argue among themselves. They all wanted to be the Lion's favorite. Lion decided to settle it by having a black dirt eating contest.
    The jungle animals all began to argue about who is the king of the jungles favorite animal. When he heard them arguing, mouse ran to tell Lion what they said.
    The jungle animals argued with one another about who is Lion's favorite. When Mouse told Lion about the trouble, Lion devised a contest in which the animals would have to eat an entire pile of black dirt.
  • Q5
    What can the reader conclude about Lion by the end of the selection?
    Lion only like mouse.
    Lion believes that good friends are very valuable.
    Lion is an unjust ruler.
    Lion always likes to play tricks on the other animals.
  • Q6
    What is the theme of this story?
    Some foods are not very tasty.
    It is unkind to laugh at people.
    Pride usually gets people into trouble.
    One should share with one's friends.
  • Q7
    Which sentence best reveals the Lion's view of his relationship with mouse?
    He smiled briefly and glanced over at mouse, who was also smiling.
    "We shall have a contest, my friends," proclaimed Lion.
    King Lion and Mouse laughed loudly.
    She once risked her own life to save mine, and I have never forgotten her loyalty.
  • Q8
    What do the Lion and the Mouse's actions in paragraph 12 suggest?
    The monkeys are very clever and will find a way to win the contest.
    They both know that there is no way the animals will be able to finish the pile.
    They both know that the animals are confused.
    They both know that the animals are afraid of going on with the contest.

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