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  • Q1
    Which of the following administrative complaint may be filed for any disciplinary actions?
    Neglect of Duty
  • Q2
    A complaint shall be under oath and shall be written in a a clear, simple and concise language, which is not a content of the complaint?
    A narration of the relevant and material facts which show the acts or omissions as allegedly committed by the person
    Certified true copies of documentary evidence and affidavits of witnesses if any and certification or statement on non-forum shopping
    Full name and address of both complainant as well as the person complained, his position and office in DepED
    All of these
  • Q3
    What are the primary learning resources used by the earners with the face to face supervision of the teachers in a classroom set-up to attain the objectives of curriculum?
    Power point presentation
    Self-learning modules
    Strategic Intervention Materials
  • Q4
    The following job functions, duties and responsibilities may be performed by Learning Support Aids, depending on the needed support by the schools except one. Monitor and track the learners’ accomplishment of the teacher indicated in the Weekly Home Learning Plan following the time frame set by the teacher/s concerned as anchored on the Self-Learning Modules
    Monitor and track the learners’ accomplishment of the teacher indicated in the Weekly Home Learning Plan following the time frame set by the teacher/s concerned as anchored on the Self-Learning Modules
    Distribute to and retrieve from learners the supplementary activity sheets, remediation exercises, and enrichment activities prepared by the teacher/s.
    Assist in the production or reproduction of learning modules, activity sheets and other instructional materials
    Learners who cannot manage independent learning, including learners with disabilities and special needs
  • Q5
    Joint Circular No. 2, s. 2020, the BE-LCP was presented to and adopted by the IATF, under what Resolution No?
    Resolution No. 34, dated May 10, 2020
    Resolution No. 35, dated May 8, 2020
    Resolution No. 34, dated May 8, 2020
    Resolution No. 35, dated May 10, 2020
  • Q6
    which of the following should be given priority in promotion to teacher 2 through ERF?
    five- year in service teacher who was declared as the most outstanding teacher
    A three- year in service teacher who finished his MA degree
    A teacher who is 20 years in service teaching Grade 1
    A fifteen- year in service teacher who was kidnapped for three months
  • Q7
    Which of the following report would a SH prepare for all the stakeholders to know whether he/she has accomplished the targets set in the SIP?
    Annual Report
    School Report Card
    Year End Report
    Accomplishment Reposr
  • Q8
    Effective managers are of course, required to have the basic management skills in order to be able to manage an organization. Any managers has to possess certain ________________ which allow them to perform specialized task, particularly those first-line managers as they spend more time helping employees to solve work-related problems.
    Technical Skills
    Human skills
    Interpersonal skills
    Conceptual skills
  • Q9
    To be an effective manager, one must possess _____________ as well. Managers have to be able to think in the abstract, examine different situation and see beyond the present situation to recognize new market opportunities and threats.
    Global Management Skills
    Technical Skills
    Human skills
    Conceptual skills
  • Q10
    An effective manager must provide him/herself with the ability to compete in a global environment. As businesses becoming more diversified, an effective manager should possess certain capabilities in understanding international operations and most significantly, cultural differences.
    Technical Skills
    Human skills
    Global Management Skills
    Conceptual skills
  • Q11
    As Leaders, it is imperative that our communication is consistent and credible. We must be able to consistently create safety for dialogue and confidently confront issues.
    Messaging Skills
    Networking Skills
    Personal/Professional Growth Management Skills
    Communication and Connection Skills
  • Q12
    A motivation that is based on tangible rewards. This motivation is self administered, and is external to the individual and is typically offered by a supervisor or manager who holds all the power in relation to when these rewards are offered and in what amount.
  • Q13
    1. What is the lowest mark that can appear in the report card of learners?
  • Q14
    2. What DepEd Order provides for the Revised Guidelines on Alternative Work Arrangements in the Department of Education during the period of State of National Emergency due to COVID-19 Pandemic?
    DepEd Order 12, s. 2021
    DepEd Order 11, s. 2020
    Deped Order 10, s. 2021
    Deped Order 15, s. 2020
  • Q15
    During the time of National Emergency due to COVID-19 pandemic, this type of work arrangement refers to output-oriented work arrangement that authorizes the personnel to produce outputs/results and accomplishments outside of the office or school/CLC.
    Skeleton Workforce (SWF)
    Work-from-Home (WFH)
    Four-Day Physically Reporting Workweek and One-Day WFH on Weekly Shifting or Rotation of Work
    Five Day Physical Reporting Workweek on Two-week Shifting or Rotation

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