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Motherboard, Bus, CPU sockets and RAM

Quiz by John Bartucz (Mr. B)

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12 questions
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  • Q1
    What does a motherboard do?
    It connects all the parts of a computer together
    It stores the instructions
    It runs programs
    It creates babyboards
  • Q2
    What was the first standard motherboard and who made it?
    Intel XT
    IBM XT
    IBM AT
    Asus ATX
  • Q3
    What does ATX stand for?
    Alpha Tango X-ray
    Aboriginal Trendy Xylophones
    Advanced Technology eXtended
    Alpha Technology X-factor
  • Q4
    Why are there so many versions of the ATX motherboard?
    Companies get bored
    Different options in size vs features vs cost
    Cost only
    Size only
  • Q5
    Why is knowing the "chipset" important?
    Because chips are tasty
    The most recent chipset is always the best
    Certain CPU's and memory will only work with certain chipsets
    So I sound cool on the playground
  • Q6
    What's the difference between "Northbridge" and "Southbridge"
    Northbridge generally connects the faster parts of the computer
    Northbridge connects all the USB ports
    Southbridge only allows data to flow towards the magnetic south pole.
    Southbridge generally connects the faster parts of the computer
  • Q7
    What's the difference between serial and parallel busses?
    Serial sends data on a single line, one bit at a time. Parallel can send multiple bits at the same time over multiple lines.
    Parallel is always faster
    Parallel sends data on a single line, one bit at a time. Serial can send multiple bits at the same time over multiple lines.
    mmmmmm cheerios.
  • Q8
    Why do long parallel connections break down at high frequency or speed?
    Because of the internet.
    Because the wires are too thin
    Because high frequency is bad.
    Because you can't guarantee that all the bits will arrive at the same time.
  • Q9
    Why are most moden CPU sockets LGA instead of PGA?
    Because PGA pins are very fragile.
    Because PGA sockets are too slow
    Because golf is not a real sport.
    Because PGA sockets are too big
  • Q10
    What does RAM stand for?
    Rong answer, man.
    Raging Anger Meme
    Regular Android Memory
    Random Access Memory
  • Q11
    What is a typical amount of RAM in a desktop Windows 10 computer?
    4-16 Gigabytes
    4-16 Terabytes
    4-16 Megabytes
    512 Gigabytes
  • Q12
    Which of the following RAM is used in laptops?

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