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Motion - KS3

Quiz by Francesco Busiello

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6 questions
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  • Q1
    How do you calculate speed?
    Distance divided time
    Distance multiplied by time
    Distance plus time
    Time divided distance
  • Q2
    Two cars are travelling in opposite directions. How do you calculate their relative speed?
    Add both speeds together
    Multiply both speeds
    Subtract slowest speed from fastest speed
    Divide one speed by the other
  • Q3
    You know the speed of a car and the time it takes to reach its destination. How do you calculate the distance it covered?
    Time divided by speed
    Speed multiplied by time
    Speed minus time
    Speed divided by time
  • Q4
    In a distance-time graph, what does a horizontal line show?
    A moving object
    A slow-moving object
    A fast-moving object
    A stationary object
  • Q5
    In a distance-time graph, what does a steep line show?
    An object with infinite speed
    A fast-moving object
    A stationary object
    A slow-moving object
  • Q6
    What units are used to measure speed?
    Kilometres per second
    Seconds per metre
    Metres per second
    Miles per hour

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