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MP1 6 Weeks Post-Exam Check in

Quiz by Rayas, Lizbeth T - Teacher Math, El Dorado High School

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  • Q1

    What is the first step to solving an absolute value equation?

    Check for extraneous solutions

    Solve both equations

    Isolate the absolute value expression

    Create two cases

  • Q2
  • Q3

    If the a value for an absolute value function is greater than 1, what transformation occurs on the graph?

    Vertical Compression

    Horizontal Shrink

    Reflection across x-axis

    Vertical stretch

    Horizontal Stretch

  • Q4

    Determine if the following question is true or false.

    An extraneous solution is a solution that does work in the original equation.

    True or False
  • Q5

    Describe what error the student made in solving absolute value equations.

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