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Mr Know All- Part 1

Quiz by galit shemer

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15 questions
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  • Q1
    The "Union Jack" is:
    British flag
    Chinese flag
    American flag
    German flag
  • Q2
    The setting of the story is:
    After entering the European Union
    After WWI
    after second Lebanon war
    before WWII
  • Q3
    The setting of the story is:
    in a hotel
    on an ocean liner
    on a train
    in a car
  • Q4
    The characters in part 1 are:
    The narrator and Mr. Kelada
    the narrator and Mr. Know All
    Mr. Kelada only
    Mr. Know All and Mr. Kelada
  • Q5
    The character are sharing:
    a cabin on the ocean liner
    a seat on a plane
    a room in a hotel
    a taxi
  • Q6
    The Ocean liner is on its way to:
  • Q7
    Prohibition is:
    no black people on the ocean liner
    no parking in the city
    Alcohol ban
    no use of books
  • Q8
    The narrator doesn't want to share a room with Mr. Kelada because:
    of his profession
    of his belongings
    of his appearance
    He is not British
  • Q9
    Mr Kelada was:
    born in Alexandria
    a proud British citizen
    born under blue skies
    born in Beirut
  • Q10
    The narrator judged Mr. Kelada by his _____________________ before they met:
    appearance and voice
    name and voice
    name and his toilet things
    his toilet things and hair
  • Q11
    Mr Kelada had:
    dark skin, long hair and big smile
    light skin, round face and long hair
    light skin, black eyes and small body
    dark skin, big eyes, long hair and shaved cheeks
  • Q12
    Mr Kelada was very
  • Q13
    The narrator was upset because
    took his sit
    Mr Kelada interrupted his card game
    ate his meal
    was exasperating
  • Q14
    The narrators' name is:
    Mr. Green
    Mr. Know All
    we don't know
    Mr. Kelada
  • Q15

    After first talking to Mr. Kelada, the narrator says, “King George has many strange subjects.” What does he mean by this? 

    Mr. Kelada doesn’t speak English.

    Mr. Kelada doesn’t have a British passport

    Mr. Kelada doesn’t like England.

    Mr. Kelada doesn’t look British


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