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Mr. Stink Chapters 22 & 23

Quiz by İpek Sümer

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8 questions
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  • Q1
    Which of the following is NOT one of the things you learned about Mr. Stink in Ch. 22 -Long Lion Days?
    His wife died in a fire when she was eight months pregnant.
    His wife's name was Lily.
    He loved tea, playing cricket.
    His real name is Lord Darlington.
  • Q2
    Where was Mr. Stink when the fire took place?
    He was at a gentlemen's club with his old school friends.
    He was in the lawn drinking tea.
    He was at the garden playing cricket.
    He was in a pond having a bath.
  • Q3
    Why did Chloe's mother cry?
    Because Mr. Stink stank terribly.
    Because the Prime Minister asked her to withdraw.
    Because Mr. Stink told her that Chloe wanted to leave home.
    Because she argued with her husband.
  • Q4
    How was the weather that night when the accident happened?
    Snowy with lots of wind.
  • Q5
    Mr. Stink blames himself for the fire.
  • Q6
    What's Christmas for Mr. Stink?
    A time when families come together
    An emblem of perfect happiness
    A reminder of who's not there
  • Q7
    How does Chloe's mother feel after Mr. Stink talked to her?
    Not sorry
  • Q8
    Why is Chloe angry at Mr. Stink at the end of chapter 23 - Plastic Snowman?
    Because he lied to her.
    Because he didn't tell his story before.
    Because she thought they were going to wander the world together.
    Because he couldn't save his wife from the fire.

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