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MS PowerPoint Fundamentals

Quiz by Michelle Seal

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  • Q1
    What is a pre-defined combination of colors, fonts and font effects, that can be applied to your presentation?
    Picture Style
  • Q2
    What is the main advantage of using templates and other presentations to create a new presentation?
    They give you access to additional slide layouts that you cannot create in blank presentations.
    They save you time designing slides and allow you to focus more on the content.
    They allow you to include more slides in a presentation.
    They automatically fill in content and allow you to spend more time on designing slides.
  • Q3
    Before starting your presentation, you should......
    A. Know the audience.
    B. Have a clear goal.
    A and B
    C. Create all of the graphics.
  • Q4
    Why would you use the Insert Picture from File command?
    All of the above.
    To add video or audio to a slide.
    To search for images in Clip Art.
    To add an image saved on your computer or a storage device.
  • Q5
    What should you change if you want one particular slide to have a different arrangement of text box placeholders?
    Font Effect
    Clip Art
    Slide Layout
  • Q6
    Try to put as much information into each slide, to limit the number of slides.
  • Q7
    Which of the following are valid ways to create a new presentation?
    Based on another existing presentation
    From scratch with a blank presentation
    All of the above.
    Based on a template

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