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Quiz by Nikia Palacios

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9 questions
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  • Q1
    Mental health is influenced by three factors:
    Child Values, Inherited Morals, Pre-determine Circumstances
    Inherited characteristics, childhood nurturing, and life circumstances.
    Work, Social Life and Childhood nurturing
    Life, family, Friends
  • Q2
    Hippocrates viewed mental illness as a result of an imbalance of humors: What were the fundamental elements?
    Air, Fire, Water
    Sea, Fire, Water
    Earth, Rock, Nature
    Air, Water, Land
  • Q3
    Knowledge of the Greek legacy had been retained and improved upon by the Arabs, who had an extensive knowledge of drugs, mathematics, astronomy, and chemistry, as well as an awareness of the relationship between:
    Mental Health and Physical Health
    Health and Disease
    Learning Centers and Universities
    Emotions and Disease.
  • Q4
    As a result of this one publication, women, as well as children and mentally ill persons, were:
    Lock in Dungeons
    Tortured and burned at the stake by the thousands.
    Force into the wilderness
  • Q5
    The actual care of mentally ill persons in the United States did not begin to improve until the arrival of what nurse in the 1884?
    Alice Florence Nightingale
    Alice Bishop
    Alice Florence
    Alice Fisher
  • Q6
    By the late 1800s, a two-class system of psychiatric care had emerged for the wealthy and the public: Name the two-class system.
    There were no systems in place.
    Public & Private
    private care & Private care provided care
    Public Health and Private Health
  • Q7
    After attempting suicide, Beers spent 3 years as a patient in mental hospitals in Connecticut. On his release in 1908, Beers wrote a book that would set the wheels of the mental hygiene movement in motion. What was the name of the committee that was form from his book?
    Mental Health Committee
    Mental Hygiene committee
    Mental awakening Committee
    A Mind That Found Itself Committee
  • Q8
    Men were drafted into service as rapidly as they could be processed, but many were considered too “mentally deficient” to fight. As a result, the federal government called on Beers’ Committee for Mental Hygiene to develop a master plan for screening and treating mentally ill soldiers. What act was establish in the early 1900s?
    Hill-Burton Act
    Mental Health Act
    Congress Hill- Burton Act
    Hilly-Burton Act
  • Q9
    Psychotherapeutic drugs are chemicals that affect the mind. What side effect do these drug have on you?
    Alter emotions, perceptions, and mind
    Alter emotions, perceptions, and consciousness
    Alter emotions, logic, and consciousness
    Health and perceptions, and consciousness

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