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Muhammad the Messenger of God pg 20-40

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24 questions
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  • Q1
    Which one is not a reason to sent the Prophets?
    to be examples to establish balance
    to make religions
    to teach people God's laws
    to guide people to the service of God
  • Q2
    Which one is correct?
    Prophets were looking for heaven
    Prophets were ordinary people
    Prophet were educated by God
    Prophets wanted to be chosen by God
  • Q3
    Death is?
    changing worlds
  • Q4
    Which one is correct?
    Prophets are dead
    Prophets changed places and passed into another dimension
  • Q5
    There is a particular class of saints called abdal (substitutes). who are they?
    when one dies, he or she is replaced immediately with a new one who can see the Prophet whenever they wish.
    when one dies, everyone knows that he was an abdal
    They are mentally sick people
    They are nominated for awards
  • Q6
    God says: I have not created the jinn and humankind but to know and worship Me (exclusively). This verse means to us that….?
    We are created to work
    we are just created to have a knowledge who is our God
    we are created to recognize and serve God
    we are created to eat and drink
  • Q7
    Prophet Muhammad sent as a mercy….
    to all humans
    to humanity, jinn and for all time
    to unbelievers
    to animals
  • Q8
    Prophet tells Ibn Masud about jinns who came and believe in him. this event shows us that…..?which one is wrong?
    He is sent also for jinns
    He has completed his mission
    He wanted to show off that jinn are believers now
    He is close to death
  • Q9
    Which one describes Messengership?
    People who are close to God
    People who are having message from people to God
    People who reveal Divine Commandments(e.g. 5 daily prayers, fating Ramadan)
  • Q10
    When Prophet Muhammad went to Taif with Zayd ibni Haritha, Who brought some grapes?
  • Q11
    Which people are the best among Muslims?(according to a hadith)
    Muslims who saw the friends of Muhammad Pbuh
    Muslims who lived in Muhammad Pbuh's period
    Muslims who lived right after Muhammad Pbuh's period
    Muslims who saw the people right after lived Muhammad Pbuh's period
  • Q12
    Those who don't pray have nothing to do with islam. Who said this?
    Abu Bakr
  • Q13
    Why did Abu Bakr cry after he saw a glass of cold water in Ramadan?
    He thought that this water is poisonous
    He thought that the world tempted him with it
    He just wanted to thank Allah
    He wasn't thirsty
  • Q14
    Most Prophets were ..…..……………….and therefore taught by God
    ready to learn
  • Q15
    are having their fee
    asked nobody to become Muslim
    asked no wage for their service
    are waiting their service fee

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