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Multicultural and Multilingual Education

Quiz by Evelyn Izquierdo

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  • Q1
    When do children first start exhibiting racist tendencies?
    At the age of 12.
    The youngest being 3 years old.
    Since birth.
    At the age of 8.
  • Q2
    What trend is found in females when compared to males from elementary to high school?
    Females experienced a greater decline in self-esteem .
    Males experienced a greater decline in self-esteem.
    No trends were found from elementary to high school.
    Males and females experienced an equal decline in self-esteem.
  • Q3
    Which bilingual program is taught entirely in English after a student masters the language?
    Question Image
    Transitional Bilingual
    Maintenance Bilingual
    Two-way Bilingual
  • Q4
    Which act transformed the original goals of the bilingual education movement?
    Question Image
    No Child Left Behind Act of 2001
    English Language Acquisition Act of 2001
    Language Acquisition Act of 2001
    Bilingual Education Act of 1968
  • Q5
    Which of these was supported by the 2016 Republican Platform?
    Question Image
    English Only policy
    Multicultural programs
    Bilingual programs
  • Q6
    People who rely on their relationship to others to judge their own happiness belong to which type of society?
    Individualist societies.
    Collective societies.
  • Q7
    Africans who were forcefully incorporated into the United States as slaves are part of what culture?
    Immigrant cultures.
    Dominant cultures.
    Dominated cultures.
  • Q8
    What culture is the US public curriculum framed around?
    European American.

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