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Quiz by Safira Istiqa

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20 questions
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  • Q1
    Ali buys …. In the pet shop
    Question Image
    Two weasels
    A weasels
    An weasels
    Two weasel
  • Q2
    I have …. My cat is Kety
    Question Image
    A cats
    An cats
    An cat
    A cat
  • Q3
    Nanda goes to the pet shop and buy ….
    Question Image
    Five hamster
    A hamster
    A five hamster
    An hamster
  • Q4
    My mother feeding ….
    Question Image
    An chicken
    A chicken
    An chickens
    A chickens
  • Q5
    I want to go to the zoo and see ….
    Question Image
    Seven deer
    An deers
    Seven deers
    A deers
  • Q6
    There are …. In the park
    Question Image
    An rabbit
    A rabbits
    Eight rabbits
    Eight rabbit
  • Q7
    I see …. Walk around the cage
    Question Image
    A leopard
    Nine a leopard
    An leopards
    Nine leopard
  • Q8
    …. Climbing a tall tree
    Question Image
    An tiger
    A tigers
    Five tiger
    A tiger
  • Q9
    There are …. In the warehouse
    Question Image
    Four spider
    Four spiders
    An spider
    A spiders
  • Q10
    Mr.Been share his food with ….
    Question Image
    A bears
    Five bear
    An bear
    Five bears
  • Q11
    They have a lot of animals. There are ….
    Question Image
    Ten cows
    A cows
    Three cow
    Ten cow
  • Q12
    I visit a farm. There are ….
    Question Image
    A sheeps
    Eight sheep
    An sheeps
    Eight sheeps
  • Q13
    Mrs.Been has …. In her house
    Question Image
    Four rabbits
    An rabbit
    A rabbits
    Four rabbit
  • Q14
    Savana has …. in her farm
    Question Image
    A koalas
    Twelve koalas
    Twelve koala
    An koala
  • Q15
    I see …. In the zoo
    Question Image
    Nine kangaroos
    Nine kangaroo
    Nine a kangaroos
    Nine an kangaroos

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