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Multiplication of Decimals - Word Problem

Quiz by Immanuel Ian Reodique

Grade 6
Philippines Curriculum: Grades K-10 (MELC)

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5 questions
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  • Q1

    A pencil costs 5.85 and a notebook costs 12.75. How much is your change after paying for 5 pencils and 10 notebooks, if you gave ₱500 to the cashier?





  • Q2

    Andrei’s allowance is 1,000 per week. He spends 20.75 for his fare when going on his 5-day work and 50.68 for his everyday meal at work. The rest of his money is for his savings. How much money does he save in 2 weeks?

    ₱ 1,351.32

    ₱ 1,299.54

    ₱ 1,200.38

    ₱ 1,285.70

  • Q3

    Car A and Car B are running in the same direction. Car A runs 60.75kilometers per hour while Car B runs at 50.58 kilometers per hour. How far apart will they be after 3.25 hours?

    33.05 km

    373.45 km

    370.32 km

    36.80 km

  • Q4

    Mark works 40 hours a week at 8 hours per day. If his hourly rate is ₱210.45, and he incurred 2days absence. How much is he paid for the week?

    ₱ 8,900.32

    ₱ 8,540.54

    ₱ 4,670.75

    ₱ 5,050.80  

  • Q5

    Maya bakes cookies and sells them for ₱ 15.25 each. She sold 90 pieces on Monday and 120pieces on Tuesday. How much was her sale?

    ₱ 3,602.50

    ₱ 3,202.50

    ₱ 3,503.50

    ₱ 3,403.50


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