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Multiplication Word Problems

Quiz by Kim Norris

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    The school system needs to purchase textbooks for its 326 elementary classrooms. If each classroom has 24 students and each student needs 5 different textbooks for the subject areas, how many textbooks does the school system need to purchase?
    38,120 textbooks
    39,120 textbooks
    40,129 textbooks
    39,000 textbooks
  • Q2
    Shiny Apple Orchard picks an average of 2,795 apples a day during harvest season. If harvest season lasts for 138 days, how many apples does the orchard pick altogether during an entire season?
    3,933 apples
    385,610 apples
    385,710 apples
    2,933 apples
  • Q3
    Graham can type 58 words per minute. If it takes him an hour and 27 minutes to type up his book report, how many words are in his book report?
  • Q4
    A bookstore orders 175 dozen pencils. How many pencils did they order in all?
    2,450 pencils
    2,100 pencils
    1,925 pencils
    1,750 pencils
  • Q5
    An office orders 36 packages of erasers. If the erasers come in packs of 25, how many erasers are there in all?
    61 erasers
    875 erasers
    81 erasers
    900 erasers
  • Q6
    Scott's school is selling bags of microwave popcorn for a fundraiser. The popcorn comes in boxes of 24 bags. They sell 358 boxes. How many bags of popcorn did the school sell?
    7,592 bags
    8,592 bags
    9,892 bags
    8,492 bags
  • Q7
    Jessica has 9 shelves in her bookshelf and each shelf holds 24 books. If each book has 72 pages, how many pages are in all her books?
    13,864 pages
    14,893 pages
    2,376 pages
    15,552 pages
  • Q8
    Toby ordered 16 boxes of cookies from his sister's girl scout troop. If each box has 35 cookies in it, how many cookies did Toby order?
    450 cookies
    600 cookies
    80 cookies
    560 cookies
  • Q9
    The fifth grade has 152 students. Each student has 18 crayons. How many crayons do the students have altogether?
    2,772 crayons
    2,736 crayons
    2,862 crayons
    2,798 crayons
  • Q10
    Challenge question: A business printed 225 books on Friday. Each book had 350 pages. How many pages did the business print on Friday?
    575 pages
    18,962 pages
    78,750 pages
    1,750 pages

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