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Musa(AS) - Part 2

Quiz by Sadikha Shaikh

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7 questions
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  • Q1
    Where did Musa(AS) settle in after leaving Egypt?
  • Q2
    What was the first thing Musa(AS) do when he sat under the tree in Madyan?
    He ate the fruits
    Made dua
    He slept
    Drank water
  • Q3
    Musa(AS) agreed to work for:
    1 year
    8 or 10 years
    7 years
    10-12 years
  • Q4
    When Musa(AS) went on the Mount Sinai, he
    spoke to Jibreel (AS)
    spoke to Allah
    got scared and ran away
    got some fire from there
  • Q5
    Musa (AS) was given two miracles:
    Hi staff turned into a snake, His hand could shine brightly
    He could command the wind
    He could control the sea
    He could put life back into the dead
  • Q6
    Why was Musa(AS) instructed to go back to Egypt?
    To call Phiroun to Allah
    To meet his family
    To return to Bani Israel
  • Q7
    Musa(AS) asked for his brother _______________ to be made a Prophet too.
    Ibrahim (AS)
    Haroon (AS)

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