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Music from the Romanticism to the 21st century

Quiz by Jesús

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  • Q1
    The Romanticism in music is a period
    from 1810 to 1915 that emerged as a reaction to find the balance of Classicism
    from 1810 to 1910 that emerged as a reaction against the balance of Classicism
    from 1815 to 1915 that emerged as a reaction for the balance of Classicism
    from 1815 to 1910 that emerged as a reaction against the balance of Classicism
  • Q2
    Select the wrong sentence about the Romanticism
    The musical form is the most relevant part
    The expression of personal feeling is very important
    Romantic music reflects the composer's mood and emotions
    Love was not the main theme but also sorrow, happiness or anger
  • Q3
    An instrumental musical piece that was inspired in a story or a text was
    The Opera
    The Zarzuela
    The Symphonic Poem
    The Lied
  • Q4
    Some instruments that were included in the orchestra in the Romanticism were
    The clarinet and the tuba
    The bass clarinet and the tuba
    The piccolo and the timpani
    The saxophone and the clarinet
  • Q5
    Some virtuosos of the Romanticism were
    Liszt and Wagner
    Chopin and Brahms
    Paganini and Liszt
    Schumann and Paganini
  • Q6
    Regarding the musical language in the Romanticism, it appeared
    Lots of indications for instruments
    Lots of symmetrical phrases
    Less ornamentation than in the Classicism
    Lots of accidentals in the compositions
  • Q7
    The type of Romantic Opera that included the Ballet was
    The Zarzuela
    The Operetta
    The Opera Comique
    The Grand Opera
  • Q8
    The leitmotiv was included in the Opera for the first time by
  • Q9
    The Zarzuela unlike the Opera
    used spoken language
    was longer than Opera
    used less instruments
    took melodies from the classical repertoire
  • Q10
    The Nationalism appeared as a reaction against the music of composers from
    Germany and Italy
    Spain and Italy
    England and Italy
    England and Germany
  • Q11
    Claude Debussy is considered a/n.............................. composer
  • Q12
    The Expressionist music
    is easy to hear.
    has lots of dissonances
    admire the beauty in music
    has little intervals to follow the tune
  • Q13
    The main representant of the Neoclassicism was
    C. Debussy
    B. Bartok
    I. Stravinsky
    A. Schoenberg
  • Q14
    At the begginings of the Cinema, about the 1890s, music
    was played with a piano
    could be heard in some movies
    was always sound with recorded music
    could not be heard, it's the silent cinema
  • Q15
    The 'cues sheets' were pieces of music
    with the same feelings for the same scenes
    with different feelings for different scenes
    with different instruments for the same scenes
    with the same instruments for different scenes

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