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Music Quiz 3

Quiz by Hồ Đình Văn

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20 questions
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  • Q1

    I took an arrow to the heart

    I never kissed a mouth that _________ like yours

    Strawberries and something more

    Ooh yeah, I want it all

    Lipstick on my guitar (Ooh)

    Fill up the engine, we can drive real __________

    Go dancing underneath the stars

    Ooh yeah, I want it all

    seems– further

    feels– fast

    tastes– far

    be– slow

  • Q2


    Uhh-uh-uh, you're in my head

    And I keep on __________

    Uhh-uh-uh, you're here instead

    And it seems never _________

    missing– closing

    thinking– starting

    getting– being over

    forgetting– ending

  • Q3

    What is the name of the song?

    Bài này chill phết

    Trốn tìm

    Ta cứ đi cùng nhau

    Lộn xộn 3

  • Q4

    I stay up all night

    Tell myself I'm _________

    Baby, you're just harder to see than most I put the __________ on

    Wait 'til I hear our song

    Every night I'm dancing with your __________

    fine – TV – mind

    alright – record – ghost

    good – song – soul

    okay – radio – heart

  • Q5


    You're my love, my life, my beginning

    And I'm just so stumped I got you

    Girl you are the piece I've been _________

    Remembering now, all the times, I've been alone

    Show me the way

    Let me hear, let me hold

    Right through the _______ straight to you

    loving – time 

    missing – door

    meeting – darkness

    liking – heart


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