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Musical Form

Quiz by Gene Willey

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  • Q1
    What form of music has two parts that occur one after the other?
    Ternary / ABA form
    Rondo ABACABA form
    Theme and Variation
    Binary / AB form
  • Q2
    What form of music has a verse, a chorus followed by another verse?
    ABA / Ternary
  • Q3
    What form is ABACABA?
    Call and Response
    Refrain / chorus
    Theme and Variation
  • Q4
    What form just has one main section that is played over and over with slight changes each time? A A1 A2 etc.
    Theme and Variation
    Country music
  • Q5
    What does form help us to see?
    if the song is a rondo or not
    what a song looks like
    The map of the parts in a song and how the song is put together.
    the dark side of the force
  • Q6
    What is the difference between a verse and a chorus?
    Chorus is for choir and Verse is for band
    A verse's lyrics can change, the lyrics in a chorus always stay the same.
    there is no difference
    One starts with a V and the other starts with a C
  • Q7
    What happens when you see DC al Fine in music?
    That's the end of the song
    Go back to the beginning (DC) then keep singing / playing until you come to the end (fine) of the song.
    Fine enough for Washington DC
    Go to the Coda
  • Q8
    Where do you usually find the coda in a song?
    At the end or near the end
    In the middle of the song
    At the beginning of the song
    When you are singing a song at school

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