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My Oedipus Complex (1)

Quiz by Orit Itiel

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12 questions
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  • Q1
    From whose point of view is the story told?
    Mother Saint Dominic
  • Q2
    When did the story take place?
    During WW2
    During WW1
    We can't tell
    During the civil war
  • Q3
    Which is an example of an irony in the story?
    "The war was the most peaceful time of my life"
    Larry fell asleep beside his mother in the morning.
    Larry loved playing with his father's souvenirs.
    Larry slept in the attic.
  • Q4
    What did Larry pray for?
    for his mother to marry him.
    for his father to go back to the war.
    for a new baby.
    for his father to come safely from the war.
  • Q5
    What were the ominous words that Mother said to Larry?
    "talking to Daddy"
    "be quiet"
    "go to bed"
    "Don't wake Mother"
  • Q6
    Describe Larry's relationship with his mother before his father came back from the war?
    They did everything together and got along well
    They didn't speak to each other much.
    Larry was petrified of his mother
    Larry didn't have a lot of respect for his mother.
  • Q7
    According to Larry, how were babies born?
    They were bought for a lot of money.
    They were bought at the post office.
    You prayed for them and they came.
    The stork brought them.
  • Q8
    The title of the story is based on ________________________ .
    an old legend
    a Greek myth
    a fairy tale
    a story from the Bible
  • Q9
    Who in the story is compared to Santa Claus?
    the Father's friend
  • Q10
    "I felt this was foul play". Why?
    his father took him for a walk
    his father wore his best blue jacket.
    his father was absorbed with himself
    because his father had a newspaper
  • Q11
    What costs seventeen and six?
    Santa clauze
    a baby
    the attick
  • Q12
    Who are Mrs. Left and Mrs. Right?
    their neighbors
    his feet
    the window and the sun
    Mother's friends

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