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My Oedipus Complex 2

Quiz by שולמית צוויק

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    1. What did Larry do when he didn't have enough room in his parents' bed?
    pushed his mother
    went back to his bed
    kicked his father
  • Q2
    2. What was mother's explanation to Larry about why he couldn't sleep in her bed?
    it wasn't healthy
    it wasn't comfortable
    it was too crowded
    it disturbed her
  • Q3
    3. Why was daddy worried?
    He thought about the war.
    He was mad at Larry.
    He had to find a job so the family gets money.
    He fought with mummy.
  • Q4
    4. What did Larry promise mummy?
    not to talk to daddy
    not to wake daddy in the morning
    to talk to daddy
    not to cry
  • Q5
    5. Did Larry keep his promise?
    not at all
    he forgot about it
    only for a very short time
  • Q6
    6. "Never, never had anyone spoken to me in that tone". How did father call Larry?
    a monster
    a baby
    a little puppy
    a girl
  • Q7
    7. what did Larry understand after the big fight with daddy?
    that father is sad
    that his father was jealous too
    that father is wicked
    that mother is jealous
  • Q8
    8. What did father catch Larry playing with?
    his boots
    his clothes
    his newspaper
    his box of army souvenirs
  • Q9
    9.Why did Larry try to make up news and smoke?
    to annoy his father
    because he was bored
    to attract his mother like his father did.
    to make mummy happy
  • Q10
    10. What did Larry think was the real reason for his parents' attraction to each other?
    being good friends
    being in love
    being parents
    being grown up and married

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