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Myth and Religion

Quiz by Jack Schofield-Newton

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140 questions
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  • Q1
    What does Pantheon mean?
    all the gods, collectively
  • Q2
    What is Iconography-
    How the Gods are depicted, with symbols
  • Q3
    What is polytheism-
    The belief in more that one God
  • Q4
    What is anthropomorphism?
    Imagining Gods as humans, in human form, with human personalities
  • Q5
    What is an epithet?
    A nickname for a God, (Athena Parthenos= Athena the maiden)
  • Q6
    What is a Heira?
    Sacrificial rites, what greeks imagine religion to be
  • Q7
    What is Religio?
    What the Romans imagine religion, more organised that Greek ideas
  • Q8
    Who was roman religion influences by?
    The Estrscans, this is why Roman religion is slightly different to Greek religion
  • Q9
    (Greek) What does chthonic mean?
    Relating to gods of the underworld and of earth, eg hades/ Demeter
  • Q10
    (Greek) What is a cornucopia?
    The horn of plenty that Demeter held, sometimes shown with Hades
  • Q11
    (Greek) What is a diadem?
    A crown
  • Q12
    (Greek) What is the Parthenon?
    The temple of Athena on the acropolis in Athens
  • Q13
    (Greek) What is the mystery of Eleusis?
    Sacred rites if Demeter in Athens
  • Q14
    (Greek) What is an Oracle?
    Gave prophecies in the name of a God
  • Q15
    (Greek) What is a lyre?
    A harp-like musical instrument

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