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NAFTA and Fossil fuels

Quiz by Maria de Jesus Ortiz Gomez

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    What is NAFTA?
    North American Foreign Trade Agreement
    North American Foreign Treaty Alignment
    North American Free Trade Agreement
    Northe Americas Foreign Tarriffs Accessibilty
  • Q2
    Which three countries are members of NAFTA?
    Canada, U.K. and Mexico
    Canada, Mexico and the U.S.A.
    Mexico, U.S.A. and Alaska
    U.S.A., Mexico and Belice
  • Q3
    What is a tariff?
    A tax applied to imports.
    A tax applied to exports
    The payment made for a passport.
    A fee to transport goods.
  • Q4
    How can a tariff affect the exporting country?
    By reducing the costs of exportation.
    By making the products cheaper.
    By increasing the number of products they must produce.
    By making its products less atractive because they are more expensive.
  • Q5
    How has free trade benefitted Mexico?
    It has allowed foreigners to visit Mexico.
    It has made salaries equal in all 3 countries.
    It has made things more expensive.
    It has increased manufacturing jobs, investments, and exports.
  • Q6
    Which three of the following are fossil fuels?
    diesel, natural gas and atomic power
    Coal, gas and oil
    Electricity, hydro carbons and gasoline
    Gasoline, solar power and diesel
  • Q7
    What do fossil fuels produce that harms the environment?
    Hydrogen and Oxygen emissions
    Ozone emissions
    Oxygen emissions
    Carbon Dioxide emissions
  • Q8
    Choose types of clean energy.
    Solar and Electrical
    Geological and Eolic
    Coal and Hydraulic
    All of the answers
  • Q9
    How can you help reduce carbon emissions?
    By consuming less meat and manufactured products.
    All of the answers.
    By unplugging unused electrical items, suc as TVs, chargers, Computers.
    By sharing your car or using public transportation.
  • Q10
    How can global warming affect the earth?
    Warmer air causes stronger storms, such as hurricanes and tornadoes.
    Lack of water, because of less rainfall.
    All the options
    By flooding the shores because of rising sea levels.

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