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Nail Tech Chapter 5

Quiz by Sonya Thornton

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48 questions
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  • Q1
    Federal agencies:
    All of the answers are correct
    place limits on the types of services you can perform in the salon
    set guidelines for the use of equipment used in salons
    set guidelines for the sale of equipment used in salons
  • Q2
    OSHA is part of which federal department?
    Department of Health and Human Services
    Department of Labor
    Department of Commerce
    Department of the Interior
  • Q3
    Which type of information is found on an MSDS?
    All of these answers are correct
    disposal guidelines
    hazardous ingredients
    handling procedures
  • Q4
    Tuberculocidal disinfectants:
    kill the bacteria that causes tuberculosis.
    can be used to sterilize equipment
    are not safe to use under any circumstances in any location
    kill all known bacteria except the one that causes tuberculosis
  • Q5
    Before a manufacturer can sell a disinfectant for pedicure or implement disinfection, it must obtain approval from what agency?
    the state board of heath
    the state licensing board
    the EPA

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