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Nails revision

Quiz by Erine Fraser

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  • Q1
    What is the main factor in deciding the maintenance programme for nail extensions?
    client finances
    the shape of the nail extension
    the growth of the natural nail
    the system used
  • Q2
    What aftercare would you give following airbrush body art?
    apply oil to the skin and eye area, emulsify and rinse with tepid water. if allergies occur, ask the pharmacist for antiseptic lotion
    use soap and water at the end of the day to remove make-up. Apply antiseptic cream to any redness or rashes
    re- apply the make up daily to enhance the professional effect. Go to the doctor if allergies occur
    remove make up with cleanser suitable for your skin type. If your skin reacts, remove products immediately, apply a cold compress and seek medical advice if symptoms persist
  • Q3
    what are contra- actions to henna?
    eczema, hyper-pigmentation and electric shock
    dermatitis, hypo- pigmentation , anaphylactic shock
    dermatitis, hyper- pigmentation , anaphylactic shock
    psoriasis, hyper-pigmentation and electric shock
  • Q4
    What is the procedure if a client experiences an allergic reaction during or after a nail treatment?
    advise the client to wait a couple of days and come back if it gets worse
    remove the product correctly and refer to GP if symptoms persist
    avoid further chemical exposure by removing with nippers
    file the product off and apply a different system
  • Q5
    what techniques should be used to avoid chemical over exposure?
    only use organic products and keep tools clean
    work cleanly, avoid skin contact, use the correct product ratios
    avoid gel and acrylic systems - only use a natural wrap system
    use a barrier spray on the client's hands, avoid skin contact
  • Q6
    An over exposure reaction is recognised by client having breathing difficulty and
    lighter pigment in the skin around the nails
    redness, swelling and sensitised areas around the nail
    bleeding, swelling and sensitised areas around the nail
    darker pigment in the skin around the nails
  • Q7
    what damage can nail enhancements do to the nail plate?
    thinning and softening
    softening and thickening
    thinning and hardening
    thickening and hardening
  • Q8
    how can you avoid repetitive strain injury?
    sitting cross legged to ease the strain on the lower back
    bend towards the client to ease the strain on the upper back
    position your lower back against the back of the chair
    use your elbows to support your upper body weight
  • Q9
    If a client comes in with open, weeping eczema - what should you do?
    apply an intense hand mask to sooth the area and prepare for further treatment.
    tell them they probably have an infection, so they cannot be treated
    Advise them to visit GP for treatment and that they can rebook when the condition has improved
    treat as normal, but wear gloves to avoid cross infection
  • Q10
    how would you recognise Paronychia?
    overgrowth of the cuticle, appearing to grow with the nail
    excessive overgrowth of the nail, usually from trauma damage
    inflammation of the soft tissue around the nail
    redness, itching and blistering of the skin
  • Q11
    ridges in the nail may be caused by ...
    nail varnish
    poor health
  • Q12
    what factors need to be considered when selecting products, techniques and equipment?
    the techniques you are best at and the client's age
    the products in stock and client skin type and allergies
    skin type and condition, nail type and condition and client choice
    the products in stock and client ethnicity
  • Q13
    the ideal ventilation in the work place will...
    remove excess oxygen in the environment
    monitor the fumes in the atmosphere
    replace the stale air and draw in fresh air
    increase the levels of Carbon dioxide and water vapour
  • Q14
    temperature in the work place should be at least..
  • Q15
    why do you need to have high levels of hygiene?
    give clients something to moan about and avoid cross infection
    to let everyone know your salon is sterile
    to give clients confidence and avoid cross infection
    so your boss cannot complain

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