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Name that Teacher!

Quiz by Kelly Terwilliger

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7 questions
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  • Q1
    Who one the title of "Mr KC" when they were in high school?
    TJ McFarland
    Jacob Bishop
    Ed Conto
    Joe Sherwin
  • Q2
    I used to be a Kennel Assistant at a Veterinarian's Office.
    Question Image
    Jenn Kramm
    Mary Campbell
    Justin Weibel
    Lisa Stiehler
  • Q3
    I almost got hit by a train when jumping the railroad tracks on a motorcycle.
    Cullen Farrell
    Lisa Kepple
    Ralph D'Antonio
    Amanda Paulsen
  • Q4
    Which person has driven the Ducky Tour Boat?
    Question Image
    Matt Bates
    Stacy Boris
    Kelly Terwilliger
    Cullen Farrell
  • Q5
    I was the MVP and had the highest batting average on my high school team.
    Tom Stewart
    Renee Boyer
    Jason Hackwelder
    Renee Steele
  • Q6
    Who totaled the Driver's Education car their Junior year?
    Marneice Liput
    Kelly Hilliard
    Tammy Smith
    Shawn Kelly
  • Q7
    I was the Prom King in High School.
    Question Image
    Mike Ryan
    Ken Lavella
    Josh Williams
    Brian Markle

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