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Quiz by Maulida Hasanah

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4 questions
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  • Q1

    What is the purpose of the text?

    Question Image

    To entertain the readers with the story

    To describe an event in the past

    To inform readers how and why something happens

    To give information about current issue

  • Q2

    Where was the story happened?

    Question Image

    East Sumatra

    West Java

    West Sumatra

    East Java

  • Q3

    What can we learn from the story?

    Question Image

    We should be never break our promises

    We should not be selfish

    We should not be arrogant 

    We should be never waste our food

  • Q4

    "Sutan Rumanian and Putri Julian made a vow that they will be faithful to each other.

    What does the underlined word have the similar meaning with? 

    Question Image






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