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Native Americans Prior to European Contact

Quiz by Christopher Rowe

Grade 8
Social Studies
Georgia Standards of Excellence

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Grade 8
Social Studies
Georgia Standards of Excellence


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6 questions
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  • Q1

    Mississippians relied most heavily on which type of farming as a food source?





  • Q2

    The structure and makeup of the Mississippian Indians is similar to our present day society in what way?

    The economic system of free trade and capitalism

    The culture and value system in the way that they raised their children.

    The uprisings of militias within a society desiring freedom and independence.

    The governmental structure and organization of chiefdoms within societies.

  • Q3

    Which statement BEST describes the people of the Mississippian Period?

    They were farmers who used simple tools to grow their food in small gardens.

    They were creators of the most technologically complex projectile points in the state.

    They were buffalo hunters who used the entire animal for their living needs.

    They were hunters and gatherers who lived in small bands of 20-50 people.

  • Q4

    Most of the depopulation of the Native American population in the 16th Century can be attributed to ____.





  • Q5

    The Mississippians lived in one-room ___ shelters that served as sleeping facilities.



    wattle and daub

    triangle shaped huts

  • Q6

    The phrase "God, Glory, Gold" is often used to describe

    the Native American cultures that inhabited Georgia

    the religious and political persecutions that occurred in Europe

    the reasons for European exploration and colonization

    the impact of Native American culture on European settlements


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