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Natural Resources

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9 questions
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  • Q1
    Where are fossil fuels found?
    in trees
    in animals
    in the air
    in the Earth
  • Q2
    How long did it take our planet to produce the fossil fuels we're using today?
    a quadrillion years
    hundreds of thousands of years
    hundreds of years
    hundreds of millions of years
  • Q3
    For about how long do scientists think wind and solar power can provide us with energy?
    1,000,000 years
    virtually forever
    1,000 years
    10,000 years
  • Q4
    We can preserve natural resources by________________.
    relying on renewable energy sources
    using mostly trees for energy instead of coal
    burning more fossil fuels
    drilling for as much oil as possible and horde the surplus
  • Q5
    How can wind be used as a source of power?
    Wind can make the production of fossil fuels faster.
    Deforestation leaves more room for wind to blow.
    The motion of the wind can turn wind turbines.
    Drilling in the Earth can provide new sources of wind.
  • Q6
    Even though trees are a renewable resource, why do we need to protect them?
    Most of the trees are being sold to China and it is making China the world's largest importer of trees.
    We're cutting down trees faster than they can grow back.
    Trees can never grow back.
    All of the trees are dying due to acid rain from coal.
  • Q7
    Why is wind considered a renewable resource?
    Wind energy is not useful so there is an excess amount in most areas.
    We are using wind too quickly.
    There's a fixed amount of wind.
    Wind will never stop being produced.
  • Q8
    Which of the following is not a renewable resource?
    heat from Earth's center
    natural gas
  • Q9
    Which of the following is not a primary industry?

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