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Natural Resources

Quiz by Sun Shadow

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65 questions
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  • Q1
    For about how long do scientists think wind and solar power can provide us with energy?
    Question Image
    practically forever
    1,000,000 years
    1,000 years
    100 years
  • Q2
    We can preserve natural resources by______________________.
    drilling for as much oil as possible.
    relying on renewable energy sources.
    using more coal to get our electric power.
    burning more fossil fuels.
  • Q3
    How can wind be used as a source of power?
    Cutting down trees leaves more room for wind to blow.
    Wind can make the production of fossil fuels faster.
    Drilling into the Earth can provide new sources of wind.
    The motion of the wind can turn wind fans or turbines.
  • Q4
    Even though trees are a renewable resource, why do we need to protect them?
    All the trees in the U.S are being sold to China.
    Trees only grow in the forest.
    All of the trees are dying even though we water them.
    We are cutting down trees faster than we can grow them back.
  • Q5
    Why is wind considered a renewable resource?
    Question Image
    We are using wind too quickly.
    Wind will never stop being produced.
    There is only so much wind. When its gone it's gone forever.
    Wind energy is not useful.
  • Q6
    Which of the following is not a renewable resource?
    river water
    natural gas
    apple trees
    black cows
  • Q7
    Where are fossil fuels found?
    Question Image
    in the air
    in the trees
    under the ground
    in the animals
  • Q8
    The following are renewable resources EXCEPT
    soil and plants
    trees and plants
    water and animals
    minerals and rocks
  • Q9
    The Earth's natural resources are everything EXCEPT
    used by us
    found in nature
    human made
    provide life for us
  • Q10
    Plants and animal remains that formed fossil fuels from billions of years ago are
    renewable resources
    nonrenewable resources
    easily made again
  • Q11
    Nonrenewable resources include the following EXCEPT
    wind energy
    fossil fuel
  • Q12
    A natural resource is something that people use from the Earth?
  • Q13
    Nonrenewable resources are resources we can
    reuse and make more of them.
    never reuse because once they are used up they are gone
    reuse over and over again
  • Q14
    Renewable resources are resources we can
    never reuse, because once they are used up they are gone
    make more of like fossil fuels, oil, and coal
    reuse over and over again
  • Q15
    An example of a renewable resource would be?

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