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Natural Resources

Quiz by Traci Audino

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11 questions
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  • Q1
    What is a natural resource?
    materials we get from our planet which help us survive
    protection of natural resources
    can be used but take a long time to create
  • Q2
    What is the best way to describe renewable resources?
    They are in unlimited supply even if we don't conserve them.
    They are made from fossil fuels.
    Humans can create them.
    They are in unlimited supply if we conserve them.
  • Q3
    Which is NOT a renewable resource that can provide energy?
  • Q4
    Nonrenewable resources can be reused and replaced.
  • Q5
    Examples of fossil fuels are...
    oak tree, dandelion, & trout
    coal, sand, & tomatoes
    coal, diamonds, & natural gas
    coal, oil, & natural gas

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