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Natural Selection

Quiz by Christopher Merryman

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4 questions
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  • Q1
    Which of the following is true of natural selection?
    A population has certain individuals that are born with adaptations suitable to a specific environment
    An individual adapts to an environment
    The biggest and the strongest will always be more likely to survive
    The smallest and weakest will always be at a disadvantage
  • Q2
    The term "fitness" in biology means...
    Reproductive potential
    Speed and agility
    Physical strength and size
  • Q3
    A species of tree has three different variations in equal numbers of tall, medium, and short. This tree has a long trunk and the leaves exist mostly near the top of the tree. A population of deer moves in that loves to eat the leaves of this particular tree. So much in fact that it can over-eat the leaves and kill the tree. How might future generations of this tree look after the new population of deer moves in? (Think about the size of a typical deer)
    The populations would not change at all
    All the trees would get eaten
    The short trees would increase in number while the tall trees decrease
    The tall trees would increase in number while the short trees decrease in number
  • Q4
    Choose the best answer regarding natural selection
    The most suitable genetic traits tend to be passed on to the next generation
    Populations can evolve but individuals cannot
    The adaptations that give organisms the most reproductive success are most likely to be passed
    All answers are true of natural selection

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