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Nature of Science Review

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  • Q1
    Students in Ms. Alvarez’s eighth grade science class are investigating how temperature, in degrees Celsius affects the solubility of a compound in 100 milliliters (mL) of water. Ms. Alvarez provides the students with a graph that shows the solubility of a certain compound, as shown to the right. She then tells the students that she will demonstrate how many grams (g) of the compound will dissolve in 100 mL of water at 40˚C. Based on the information in the graph, which of the following is the best prediction of how many grams of the compound will dissolve at 40˚C?
    Question Image
    100 g
    65 g
    85 g
    40 g
  • Q2
    Pat has two kinds of plant food, “Quickgrow” and “Supergrow”. What would be the best way for Pat to find out which plant food helps a particular type of houseplant grow the most?
    Put some Quickgrow on a few plants, put the same amount of Supergrow on a few other plants of the same type, put all plants in the same place, and see which group of plants grow the best.
    Put some Quickgrow on a plant in the living room put some Supergrow on a plant of the same type in the bedroom, and see which one grows the most.
    Find out how much each kind of plant food costs, because the most expensive kind is probably better for growing plants.
    Look at the advertisements for Quickgrow and Supergrow to see which one says it helps plants grow the most.
  • Q3
    Colleen waters the plants in her greenhouse once everyday. She wants to find out if the plants will grow more leaves if they are watered more often. She counts the number of leaves on each plant before she starts. She then continues to water half of each type of plant once daily, but she waters the other half of each type twice a day. What is the test variable (independent variable)?
    The amount of light the plant receives
    The number of leaves the plant grows
    The type of plant being grown
    The number of time the plants are watered
  • Q4
    Christy wants to find out if the birds that visit the bird feeders in her backyard would rather build nests in birdhouses or in trees. She puts a birdhouse next to the feeder containing sunflower seeds and hangs a feeder containing cracked corn from a tree. She observes the birds’ nesting activities over the next two weeks and records her observations. Which of the following would improve Christy’s investigation?
    Putting the same kind of food in both bird feeders
    Setting the feeders up closer to each other
    Putting more food next to both bird feeders
    Setting up a third bird feeder containing fruit near a bird bath
  • Q5
    The graph, to the right, shows the amount of oxygen (O2) used and carbon dioxide (CO2) produced during cellular respiration. Based on the graph, which of the following statements are evidence of the relationship between the levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide during cellular respiration?
    Question Image
    As the level of oxygen decreases, the level of carbon dioxide increases.
    The amounts of oxygen and carbon dioxide are increasing over time.
    The amounts of oxygen and carbon dioxide are decreasing over time.
    The amounts of oxygen and carbon dioxide are constant over time.
  • Q6
    Jason states the following prediction: “As the air temperature increases, the air in a balloon will expand, increasing the circumference of the balloon.” Some of Jason’s observations during his experiment are shown to the right. Which of the following is the outcome variable (dependent variable) for an experiment designed to test Jason’s prediction?
    Question Image
    How fast the balloon expands
    Difference in air temperature
    Change in the circumference of the balloon
    Material the balloon is made of
  • Q7
    A controlled experiment is a means for carrying out a fair test of a hypothesis. In a controlled experiment, all of the variables that can influence the outcome variable (dependent variable) of the experiment are controlled or held constant, except for the test variable (independent variable). Which of the following hypotheses would NOT be tested using a controlled experiment?
    A biologist’s hypothesis that increases in average temperatures causes an increase in the honey bee population.
    A geologist’s hypothesis that acid rain weathers sedimentary rock more rapidly than igneous rock.
    A biologist’s hypothesis that the use of fertilizer increases the growth of grass.
    A geologist’s hypothesis about how the Grand Canyon formed.
  • Q8
    A scientist is testing a new design for the blade of a wind turbine used to generate electricity. Which of the following is the best first step for the scientist to take?
    Construct a scale-model of the blade and test it in actual weather conditions.
    Take an existing blade and modify it with the new design.
    Build several full-size versions of the blade and place them on existing turbines.
    Design a computer simulation to test how well the blade will work.
  • Q9
    A car company is designing a new seat belt. To test the design, engineers place a simulation dummy into the car and crash the car into a wall at a high speed. What benefit does this method of testing provide?
    The company can save money by testing fewer cars.
    The company can eliminate the need for testing in the future.
    The company can test the design without harming any real people.
    The company can design many different types of seat belts at once.
  • Q10
    A biologist is studying the migratory behavior of a species of sharks. Which is the best method the biologist could use in the study?
    Create a prediction of sharks' behavior by using other scientists' data.
    Collect data by observing the behavior of the sharks in the wild.
    Design a controlled experiment to test the behavior of the sharks.
    Develop a theory for why the sharks behave a certain way.
  • Q11
    Bernard is designing a new boat. His first step is to use a computer modeling software to create and test his design in simulated weather and wave conditions. How does Bernard benefit from using a computer-generated model instead of a full-sized boat?
    It is easier to communicate his findings to others.
    It is more cost-effective and safer for him to test.
    It proves that his design will work in real weather conditions.
    It allows him to observe things he could not normally see.
  • Q12
    Using a new computer modeling technique, astronomers predict the location of a massive black hole at the center of a distant galaxy. In this example, how is technology helpful to the astronomers?
    It makes it easy for them to develop new experiments and collect data.
    It helps them discard inaccurate data and improve their hypothesis.
    It permits them to share their results with the rest of the scientific community.
    It allows them to observe things they may not be able to see with their eyes.
  • Q13
    A scientist performs an experiment and asks other scientists around the world to replicate it. Why would other scientists most likely try to perform the same experiment?
    To verify that the hypothesis of the experiment is a scientific law
    To find out if weather of various regions of the world would affect the results
    To see if the experiment would be less expensive in another part of the world
    To confirm the results of the experiment conducted by the scientist
  • Q14
    Emily claims to have made a new scientific discovery. However, while conducting her experiments, she did not keep accurate records or data. Which of the following should happen next?
    The experiment should be repeated, this time keeping accurate records.
    The whole procedure should be disregarded and is not worth repeating.
    Society should accept the results, since a new discovery was made.
    Emily should try to remember her results and write them down from memory.

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