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Navi Exit Quiz 6

Quiz by Ira Wallach

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  • Q1

    In פסוק ג, what will the nations do regarding the 'בית ה?

    Go up upon it 

    Build it 

    Destroy it

    Bow down to it 

  • Q2

    In ישעיהו פרק ב, פסוק ד, what will happen to the weapons of the nations?

    They will be hidden away for future use

    They will be destroyed by 'ה

    They will be turned into plowshares and pruning hooks 

    They will be used in a great battle

  • Q3

    In פסוק ג, what role will תורה and 'דבר ה play among the nations?

    They will be the cause of conflict between nations 

    They will be rejected by the nations 

    They will be ignored by the nations

    They will be a source of guidance and instruction for the nations 

  • Q4

    In פרק ב, what overarching theme is portrayed in the first four פסוקים?

    The redemption and rebuilding of ירושלים 

    The battle between good and evil in the end of days

    The punishment of the nations for their wickedness 

    The future era of peace and the role of תורה in uniting the nations 


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