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NCSCOS 7.P.1.1 Newton, Position, Speed

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Grade 7
North Carolina Standard Course of Study

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Grade 7
North Carolina Standard Course of Study


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  • Q1
    Alex is writing down notes as he watches his friend Carla in a bicycle race. He makes the following notes. Which notes show that Carla’s bicycle is in MOTION?
    Question Image
    2, 3, and 4
    1, 2, and 5
    1, 2, and 3
    2, 3, and 5
  • Q2
    The car is described as traveling east at 30 km/hr. From which reference point in the diagram is the motion of the car MOST likely being described? (HINT- what do you know about reference points?)
    Question Image
    Road Sign
    Passenger in the car
  • Q3
    Isaac Newton discovered the three laws of motion. Which example BEST illustrates Newton’s third law of motion, which describes action and reaction forces?
    a heavier ball falls at the same speed as a lighter ball
    a vehicle rounds a curve and changes its acceleration
    a book slides forward on a seat when the car stops
    a rocket takes off from the ground
  • Q4
    A student walking quickly while carrying an orange on his lunch tray stops suddenly. The orange will MOST likely roll off the tray due to
    friction acting on the orange
    equal and opposite force acting on the orange
    Air resistance
    Inertia which means that an object in motion wants to stay in motion
  • Q5
    A 60-kg man and a 25-kg boy, both on roller skates, push off of each other using their hands. Which of these describes the motion of the two people? (Hint- think about Newton's 2nd law)
    The man moves farther but the same speed as the boy
    The boy moves farther and faster than the man
    The boy moves faster but the same distance as the man
    The man moves farther and faster than the boy

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