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NCSCOS Grade 5 ELA / Reading - Skill: 5.RI.3

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Grade 5
North Carolina Standard Course of Study

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  • Q1
    According to the selection, why does the author include information about the world's population today as compared to 2050?
    to describe the importance of reducing the demand for gas
    to explain that the population is not going to change
    to tell how popular the electric car will be in the future
    to show that the increase in population does not matter
  • Q2
    In paragraph 3, what is the significance of comparing an insect chewing a leaf to a person chewing celery?
    to help the reader learn about spiders and insects
    to help the reader imagine the chewing sounds of insects
    to help the reader understand how insect food tastes
    to help the reader visualize how insects find their food
  • Q3
    How are butterflies and mosquitoes similar?
    They use grooves to eat.
    They have another set of jaws.
    They have long tubes.
    They eat only liquids.

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