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NCSCOS Grade 5 ELA / Reading - Skill: 5.RL.1

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Grade 5
North Carolina Standard Course of Study

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  • Q1
    Which event in the story caused the old man to fall down?
    The soccer game was canceled, and the fans were angry.
    The soccer stadium sold all of the tickets and closed the gate.
    The soccer team won the game and rushed onto the streets
    The soccer player rode by, and people ran over to see him.
  • Q2
    Based on the selection, how did Roberto get to see the game?
    He bought a ticket after helping the old man.
    He was let into the stadium with the owner of Jorge's team.
    He walked in with the players on Jorge's team.
    He came in with the tall man that stood in line.
  • Q3
    In the selection, what can be inferred about how the people in the crowd viewed the old man?
    The crowd did not know that the old man was the owner of the soccer team, so they pushed him down.
    The crowd did not want the old man to get tickets before them, so they pushed him down.
    The crowd was upset that the tickets were sold out, so they pushed the old man down.
    The crowd was upset that the gate was late opening, so they pushed the old man down.
  • Q4
    In the fourth stanza, what do the waves reveal hidden in the sand?
    Question Image
    drawings of a butterfly
    stories of rainbows in the sky
    tales of coral caves
    flashes of bright light
  • Q5
    Based on the selection, how does Jack feel about the night thief?

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