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NCSCOS Grade 6 ELA / Reading - Skill: 6.RI.6

Quiz by NCDPI

Grade 6
North Carolina Standard Course of Study

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  • Q1
    Which quote from the selection is the example of Gustave Eiffel's point of view?
    "Artists in Paris protested the tower, calling it 'vertiginously ridiculous' and 'barbarous.' "
    " 'The man behind the masterpiece gradually disappeared in the towering shadow of his creation.' "
    " 'I ought to be jealous of the tower, it is much more famous than I am.' "
    "He couldn't understand the criticism surrounding the project."
  • Q2
    Which explains the author's purpose in writing this selection?
    to inform the reader that different species of spiders spin silk differently
    to inform the reader that silk might make good vests
    to inform the reader about the chemical composition of silk
    to inform the reader about the different types and uses of silk
  • Q3
    Which states the author's attitude toward physical activity?
    Kids should find a fun way to be active.
    Schools should limit students' time on computers.
    Video games encourage kids to be active.
    Kids should do activities that are challenging.
  • Q4
    How does the author encourage healthy eating?
    by comparing the nutritional information of healthy and unhealthy food
    by providing the reader with simple suggestions
    by warning the reader about the dangers of gaining too much weight
    by sharing success stories of kids in real life

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