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NCSCOS Grade 6 ELA / Reading - Skill: 6.RL.3

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Grade 6
North Carolina Standard Course of Study

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  • Q1
    What did the fairy queen do that Liam's parents failed to do?
    She asked Liam about the reasons for his choices.
    She offered to take Liam to the Galway fair.
    She showed Liam the best way to make a decision.
    She gave Liam love, care, and affection.
  • Q2
    Why did Liam choose to sit beside Kieran at school?
    He was afraid of Kieran.
    He wanted to please his teacher.
    He felt sorry for Kieran.
    He wanted to please his parents.
  • Q3
    In the selection, how does the town's view of Liam change from the beginning to the end?
    The townspeople worship him and then disown Liam when they find out he is dishonest.
    The townspeople mock him and then realize Liam is the one who makes the wisest decisions.
    The townspeople pity him and then betray Liam when they realize he helped a stranger.
    The townspeople despise him and then regret how they treated Liam when he becomes famous.

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