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NCSCOS Grade 7 ELA / Reading - Skill: 7.RI.5

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Grade 7
North Carolina Standard Course of Study

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Grade 7
North Carolina Standard Course of Study


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4 questions
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  • Q1
    How does the first sentence affect the reader's understanding of the rest of the selection?
    by specifying the scientific reasoning for the wave's origin
    by beginning with the outright statement that George Henderson performed the wave first
    by capturing the reader's attention with a startling statistic
    by giving the reader a detailed history of the wave
  • Q2
    Why did the author include the subheading "The Science of the Wave"?
    to show that the wave is a unique event that merits scientific study
    to show that the wave gained popularity at the 1986 World Cup
    to show that the wave can be started by as few as 35 people
    to show that scientists have studied the wave and understand how it works
  • Q3
    What is the purpose of the first paragraph?
    It gets the reader's attention by asking thoughtful questions.
    It creates a mood of suspense by introducing a conflict.
    It helps the reader understand the humor in the topic.
    It provides a brief history of voting practices in different cultures.
  • Q4
    In the last paragraph, why did the author include the quote from Chris Quigg?
    to hook the reader into wanting to read more about the Brookhaven laboratory
    to help sell more issues of Science News magazine
    to support the claim that there is still much work to be done to understand the beginning of the universe
    to outline future experiments that need to take place

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