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NCSCOS Grade 7 ELA / Reading - Topic: Language Standards

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Grade 7
North Carolina Standard Course of Study

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Grade 7
North Carolina Standard Course of Study


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11 questions
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  • Q1
    In paragraph 4, what does the figurative language below describe? "On either side of the trail stood spruce laden with quilts of sparkling white."
    a snowfall that has weighed down the grass
    a white light shining through the trees in the forest
    a thick blanket of snow covering the trees
    coverings used to stay warm in cold weather
  • Q2
    In paragraph 20, what is the effect of comparing the skiers to springs?
    It shows that the skiers were wound around their skis.
    It shows that the skiers were eager and ready to ski.
    It shows that the skiers were bouncing up and down.
    It shows that the other skiers were angry that they had to wait.
  • Q3
    In the context of paragraph 5, what is the meaning of unveiled?
    removed a head covering
    wore a sweater
    revealed for the first time
    not clearly seen
  • Q4
    Based on the context of paragraph 11, what is antagonism?
    friendly gesture
    energetic action
    active hostility
    open cooperation
  • Q5
    In line 3, what does the phrase "the flames leap high" tell the reader?
    Firemen are putting out a fire.
    The children are building a fire.
    There is a building on fire outside.
    There is a fire in the fireplace.
  • Q6
    In line 39, how does the phrase "We always conquer just in time" affect the poem?
    It explains how their foes were beaten in battle.
    It creates a sense of amusement in the flow of the story.
    It shows the reader how gallantly they have fought.
    It creates a sense of suspense for the reader.
  • Q7
    In the sentence below from paragraph 4, what does the word precise tell the reader? "Machines are often used because they are faster and more precise than counting votes by hand."
    People want the votes counted slowly.
    People want the votes counted quickly.
    People want the votes counted repeatedly.
    People want the votes counted exactly.
  • Q8
    In paragraph 5, what does the phrase "tampered with or illegally adjusted" mean?
    Some workers might record a person's vote for them on the ballot.
    Some workers might cheat by changing a person's vote.
    Some workers might help a person with their voting process.
    Some workers might tell others how a person voted.
  • Q9
    In paragraph 3, what does the phrase "stranded by the tide" mean?
    The waves washed the creatures into the sea.
    The water withdrew from the sand.
    The waves crashed roughly into the sand.
    The water drowned the sea creatures on the beach.
  • Q10
    In paragraph 8, how is the word anxious used?
    to convey boredom
    to convey fear
    to convey fury
    to convey excitement
  • Q11
    In the last sentence of the selection, what does the phrase "this opens up many questions" mean?
    Many scientific discoveries create more things to explore.
    Many scientists prefer asking questions to answering them.
    Many scientific projects require research into plasma temperatures.
    Many scientific questions are answered by careful research.

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