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NCSCOS Grade 7 ELA / Reading - Topic: Literature

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Grade 7
North Carolina Standard Course of Study

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Grade 7
North Carolina Standard Course of Study


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17 questions
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  • Q1
    Which quote from the selection supports the theme?
    "Winning the race would make him the Junior Champ of the Steamboat Springs Ski Club."
    "Though his knee hurt, he thought only of winning the race."
    "His skis bit the snow as he zigzagged through the gates-ten, fifteen, twenty."
    " 'You're a fine skier, and you have a compassionate heart.' "
  • Q2
    How are the characters in this selection affected by the setting?
    Chip becomes a stronger person because he helps a man in need during a snowstorm.
    Chip crashes during the snowstorm and gives up his dream of skiing in the Olympics.
    Roger becomes scared and skis away by himself, leaving Chip alone in the woods.
    Big Matt is disappointed that Chip almost left a man alone in the woods to compete in a race.
  • Q3
    How does the conversation in paragraphs 2 and 3 impact the story's plot?
    It predicts that a conflict will prevent Chip from winning.
    It demonstrates how arrogance can negatively affect anyone.
    It shows that Roger is jealous of Chip and will start a conflict.
    It foreshadows how Roger will easily win the race with no problems.
  • Q4
    What is the effect of the author's use of foreshadowing in paragraph 4?
    It hints that a win is sure to happen.
    It hints that happiness is in the air.
    It hints that danger is approaching.
    It hints that peacefulness will continue.
  • Q5
    Which quote from the selection shows the reason Chip nearly missed the race?
    "Halfway down, he saw the tracks-odd tracks that ran off the edge of the trail into the woods."
    "Suddenly, his injured knee buckled beneath him. He fell, tumbling over and over."
    "Before they reached Elk Meadows, Chip turned off onto Silver Bell, a little-known shortcut."
    "He was taken to the clinic to have his knee strapped, then home to rest."
  • Q6
    Based on the selection, what can be inferred about slalom skiing?
    It is a form of straight downhill racing on skis where the fastest time wins.
    It is a form of skiing that requires agility and speed in stopping to open and close gates.
    It is a form of racing on one ski that involves exploring little-known trails.
    It is a form of racing on skis that involves rapid turns around carefully placed obstacles.
  • Q7
    How does the use of descriptive language affect the reader?
    The reader can visualize the adventures.
    The reader wants to find out more about the adventures.
    The reader will tell stories of adventures.
    The reader will want to go on an adventure.
  • Q8
    Based on the context of lines 21-22, what is the meaning of defame?
    disgrace or damage
    make sad and gloomy
    irritate or bother
    make famous and noteworthy
  • Q9
    In line 30, what is the meaning of the word beset?
  • Q10
    In the poem, how does the speaker know it is time to end his story?
    The children have to go to bed.
    The maiden has been rescued.
    The villain has been slain.
    The family has traveled too far away.
  • Q11
    Which is a summary of the selection?
    A young boy, looking for sand dollars, panics when the tide comes in, and is too afraid to swim to shore.
    A houseboat fire strands two boys in the ocean while they are out looking for sand dollars.
    A young boy, on a hunt for sand dollars, overcomes his fear of swimming in reaction to an emergency.
    Two boys out exploring for sand dollars get trapped on a sandbar when the tide comes in.
  • Q12
    In paragraph 4, what is the meaning of the word "romp"?
    to run slowly
    to splash lazily
    to play excitedly
    to dive deeply
  • Q13
    According to the selection, why does Craig withhold his fears of swimming from his cousin, Matt?
    He wants Matt to think he is an expert swimmer.
    He thinks that Matt is afraid of the animals in the ocean.
    He is worried that Matt will ridicule him.
    He thinks that Matt will want to leave him alone.
  • Q14
    In paragraph 8, what does the word absorbed tell the reader about Craig?
    He used a towel and had dried himself.
    He used his shirt to collect sand dollars.
    He was excited to be on the sandbar.
    He was focused on what he was doing.
  • Q15
    In the selection, why was Matt frustrated with Craig?
    He knew that Craig was the better swimmer.
    He could not understand why Craig was scared.
    He knew he would be late if he waited for Craig.
    He did not want to go look for more sand dollars.

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