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NCSCOS Grade 7 Social Studies - Topic: History

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Grade 7
Social Studies
North Carolina Standard Course of Study

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  • Q1
    Britain lost some of its oldest colonies after the American Revolutionary War. After this loss, British leaders were interested in expanding their empire. They looked to Asia, Africa, and the Pacific to expand their colonies. Britain also increased its empire after defeating Napoleonic France. How did England's desire to expand its empire affect the global economy?
    England achieved its global empire by becoming the leading exporter of finished goods worldwide.
    England colonized various territories and regions around the world.
    England transformed the international arts by selling many plays and dramas about its dreams for an empire.
    England exploited its natural resources to win the global competition for land on all continents.
  • Q2
    How did the opening of the Panama Canal change global trade and interaction?
    It led to peace in Central America.
    It made shipping U.S. goods to new markets more efficient.
    It increased the costs of trading between distant nations.
    It gave the Spanish control of Latin American trade.
  • Q3
    The exportation of laborers and capital from old to new countries . . . adds to the joint wealth of the old and the new country . . . There needs be no hesitation in affirming that Colonization, in the present state of the world, is the best affair of business, in which the [wealth] of an old and wealthy country can engage.' - 'Principles of Political Economy' by John Stuart Mill, 1848 Based on the excerpt, what was Mill's perception of colonialism?
    Colonization benefits both the colonizer and the colonized.
    Colonization encourages European countries to create democratic governments.
    Colonization expands the power of European churches.
    Colonization introduces diseases to Europe that sicken entire populations.

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