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NCSCOS Grade 8 ELA / Reading - Topic: Language Standards

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Grade 8
North Carolina Standard Course of Study

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Grade 8
North Carolina Standard Course of Study


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  • Q1
    Based on the sentences below, what does "saffron" mean? "But high up, their tops were green and caught the saffron light of the west. He remembered that when a boy, he had thought there was nothing more beautiful than the evening sunshine falling athwart the dark green fir boughs on the hills."
  • Q2
    In the sentence below, what is conveyed by comparing the sound of the wind to a murmur? "As he listened to the swish and murmur of the wind, the earth-old tune with the power to carry the soul back to the dawn of time, the years fell away from him, and he forgot much, remembering more."
    The wind is frightening.
    The wind is rolling.
    The wind is gentle.
    The wind is powerful.
  • Q3
    Which phrase from the sentence below, helps the reader determine the meaning of the word 'subtle'? "Another more subtle change that is occurring, according to scientists, is the slow expansion of the entire island toward the mainland as winds and storms deposit sand on the island's west side."
    "entire island"
    "winds and storms"
    "deposit sand"
    "slow expansion"
  • Q4
    What does the simile in lines 7-8 mean?
    Question Image
    Dreams are like birds that are arrogantly beautiful.
    Dreams are pretty like a bird's tail feathers.
    Dreams are like a bird that talks too much.
    Dreams are like birds that pull out their tail feathers.
  • Q5
    What is the meaning of the poem's extended metaphor?
    Question Image
    One must wait patiently and seize the proper moment to fulfill one's dreams.
    Dreams can be easily ruined with a pinch of salt.
    Many times one thinks one has a dream, but then it flies away.
    Dreams must be chased and attacked until one finally catches them.

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