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NCSCOS Grade 8 Science - 8.L.4.1 Evolution & The Fossil Record

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Grade 8
North Carolina Standard Course of Study

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Grade 8
North Carolina Standard Course of Study


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4 questions
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  • Q1
    What do transitional fossils BEST support?
    the Theory of Continental Drift
    the Law of Superposition
    the Theory of Biological Evolution
    the Theory of Geological Evolution
  • Q2
    Scientists think that dolphins and whales may have evolved from a common ancestor. What evidence supports this hypothesis?
    They eat the same food.
    They live in the same area of the ocean.
    They swim the same way.
    They have similar anatomies.
  • Q3
    What process is MOST responsible for the extinction of most species of plants and animals that have lived on Earth?
    decrease in reproduction
    selective breeding
    environmental changes
    gene mutation
  • Q4
    Which would indicate that a series of fossils represent the evolution of the horse?
    All of the fossils are completely identical to horse bones.
    All of the fossils were located in the same place on Earth as horses.
    All of the fossils show similar structures to that of the modern horse.
    All of the fossils were found in the same layers of rocks as horse fossils.

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