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Nervous System #1

Quiz by Campbell, Michelle

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5 questions
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  • Q1
    A neuron is a :
    Neutral part in atom
    Skin Cell
    Nerve cell
    Muscle cell
  • Q2
    The part of the Neuron where the stimulus is received.
    Cell Body
    Axon Terminal
  • Q3
    What part of the neuron is the protective sheath covering the axon?
    Cell Body
    Schwann Cell
    Myelin Sheath
  • Q4
    What is the "space" called between 2 neurons or between a neuron and a muscle cell?
    Dead space
    Synaptic Cleft
    Axon terminal
  • Q5
    The correct order showing how a nerve cell responds to a stimulus and communicates to other cells is
    Integration --Sensory Input receptor -- Motor Output-- Stimulus
    Integration --Motor Output --Sensory Input receptor -- Stimulus
    Stimulus-- Sensory Input receptor--Integration -- Motor Output
    Sensory Input receptor -- Motor Output-- Stimulus-- Integration

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