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Network Acronyms

Quiz by Neera Dubey

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11 questions
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  • Q1
    used for the world wide web. an exchange begins with a request for a web page from a client web browser to a web server. The server then sends the web page to the client.
  • Q2
    a secure way of transferring data between a web browser and a server as data is encrypted
  • Q3
    used to transfer files between two computers. It is usually used to download or upload large files between a client and server
  • Q4
    TCP (Transport Control Protocol)
    handles and controls files being broken into packets and sent over the internet
  • Q5
    IP (Internet Protocol)
    a set of rules that govern the transmission of data across the internet. works closely with TCP
  • Q6
    a collection of protocols commonly used for transmitting data across a LAN
  • Q7
    a collection of protocols that use radio waves to transmit data between devices
  • Q8
    UDP (User Datagram Protocol)
    an alternative to TCP used in video conferencing and online gaming when speed is necessary as huge volumes of data is transferred in real time. it does this by not checking for lost packets
  • Q9
    sends messages from the sender's computer to the email server
  • Q10
    POP3 (Post Office Protocol)
    retrieves mail from mail server to client when requested and email removed from server. this only allows retrieval of email onto a single computer
  • Q11
    IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol)
    retrieves the mail from the mail server to the client and allows access from anywhere on any device since the email remains on the server

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