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New Deal Programs

Quiz by Matt Flynn

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16 questions
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  • Q1
    a Relief program for unemployed men who worked on jobs related to conservation and development of natural resources
    Civilian Conservation Corps
  • Q2
    Reform Program which provided for Old-Age and survivors retirement insurance, unemployment insurance, and later medical benefits for the elderly and disabled
    Social Security Act
  • Q3
    RecoveryProgram (as well as jobs), it aimed at long-range recovery and spent $4 billion on thousands of projects that included ports, dams, public buildings, highways, and schools.
    Public Works Administration
  • Q4
    A New Deal agency created to generate electric power and control floods in a seven-U.S.-state region around the Tennessee River Valley . It created many dams that provided electricity as well as jobs. Reform
    Tennessee Valley Authority
  • Q5
    Reform agency created to regulate and supervise the stock market and to punish fraud in stock trading.
    Securities and Exchange Commission
  • Q6
    Relief Program in the Second New Deal, it provided jobs for millions of the unemployed in construction as well as in the arts (musicians, artists, writers).
    Works Progress Administration
  • Q7
    Reform agency created to insure individuals' bank accounts, protecting people against losses due to bank failures and to prevent bank runs
    Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
  • Q8
    Recovery Program which brought electricity to farm families and others in rural areas where private power companies refused to service.
    Rural Electrification Act
  • Q9
    gave the government power over the banks and set up a system by which banks would be reorganized or reopened; goal was to end bank runs
    Emergency Banking Relief Act
  • Q10
    Relief Program which aimed to resettle very poor farmers on better land and unemployed workers in planned communities after the dust bowl, did not work
    Resettlement Administration
  • Q11
    Recovery; restricted crop production to reduce surplus (overproduction) and raise value of crops; farmers were paid subsidies by federal government. Declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in 1936
    Agricultural Adjustment Act
  • Q12
    Reform Act. It established a national minimum wage, guaranteed extra pay for overtime in certain jobs, and prohibited most child labor. Still exists today.
    Fair Labor Standards Act
  • Q13
    a new set of program including additional banking reforms, new tax laws, and new relief programs; meant to counter the Roosevelt Recession
    Second New Deal
  • Q14
    Reform Act that guarantees workers the right to form unions and collective bargaining, still regulates labor-management relations (also known as the Wagner Act).
    National Labor Relations Act
  • Q15
    Economic downturn in 1937 which happened when FDR tried to reduce government spending on relief and job programs
    Roosevelt Recession

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